About Fongit

Fongit is a start-up accelerator supporting high-tech ventures.

We are a private, non-profit foundation, whose mission is to foster business opportunities and create wealth and employment in the region.
We benefit from the support of the governmental business incubator program of the State of Geneva.

Our foundation supports early-stage, high-tech ventures by providing fully furnished office-space, business coaching, administration, and access to financing.

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Fongit incubate start-ups with innovative and disruptive technologies and Business models in the Cleantech, IT and Medtech Industries.
You can apply by submitting an executive summary or a business plan. After the review of your candidacy file, we will meet to explore how we can help accelerate your business and project.
An experienced, balanced and committed team is crucial, a prototype should exist and the time-to-market should be less than 24 months.

Joining Fongit

Seed Capital

Fongit start-up accelerator enables entrepreneurs to develop the business plans, working prototypes and commercialization partnerships, which are key to securing seed funding, angel investing and venture capital.

Fongit Seed Invest (FSI) can provide seed capital to startups hosted at Fongit.
Fongit Seed Invest focuses their investment in ventures which have an addressable market size of above CHF 50 million, with projected revenue of at least CHF 5 million, within 5 years.

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