Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Fongit’s goal is to enable entrepreneurs to focus on value creation.

Fongit offers participating entrepreneurs guidance, support, and networking opportunities through Fongit’s Incubation Program.

By joining Fongit’s Incubation Program startup entrepreneurs benefit from the following services:

  • Help in establishing your startup – saving weeks of administrative work, and enabling you to focus on value creation.
  • Business coaching by our experienced team- free of charge.
  • Accounting and payroll services
  • Administrative and legal support, including establishing a compensation package and stock option plans; applying for a tax exception program; or submitting a CTI grant.
  • Opportunities to interact with a pool of external coaches (, informal advisors and experts from the high technology community, entrepreneurs, and other support institutions.

Fongit’s Incubation Program provides entrepreneurs the ideal environment and opportunity to accelerate from the idea stage to a fully developed business model while hosted in Fongit’s incubator.

Fongit’s Incubation Program is proven to deliver success and double a startup’s survival rate.

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